How do I prepare the surface for my sticker?

Surface preparation is the key to easy application of cut or printed vinyl graphics.

  • Any surface to which vinyl is to be applied must be clean and free of surface treatments to ensure a good bond.

A specialist surface cleaner should be used in all cases
Newly painted surfaces should be left to cure before graphics are applied 30 DAYS AT LEAST
Avoid greasy, rough or porous surfaces.

– Surfaces prone to out-gassing may produce bubbles under the vinyl and can eventually lead to total failure of the adhesive bond.
polycarbonates, some acrylics, as well as surfaces treated with silicone, wax, sealants or varnish.

– Particular care must be taken when applying vinyl to other vinyl surfaces such as flexible truck sides, banners and stretched sign-faces.
These substrates contain plasticisers, which can migrate to the applied face-film and break down the adhesive

  •    The first order of business for a flawless installation of your new vinyl is to prepare the surface.

Glass Applications

It is best to prepare the glass surface by spraying a glass cleaner onto the surface.
Follow this step with a final spray of glass cleaner, wipe dry with a clean lint free cloth or towel and proceed to the application process.

Plastic Surfaces

Wipe entire surface with rubbing alcohol or other mild solvent. Proceed to application process.

Painted Surfaces (Automotive or Household)

Vinyl can be applied to automotive painted surfaces by first using rubbing alcohol or other
mild solvent cleaner to remove wax and other road debris. Spray surface cleaner over surface and wipe clean.
Interior painted walls and surfaces must be cleaned with a mild soapy solution or paint manufacturer recommended cleaner.

DO NOT USE solvent based products to clean interior paint surfaces. Interior paints are usually water-based.
Using a harsh cleaner can damage your painted surface. Wipe clean with lint free cloth or towel and proceed to application process    

Good surface preparation also ensures a long and trouble-free service life thereafter.