School Id pack

Quality custom labels for every kind of school lunch containers

Now with the school encouraging wrapper free lunches it is even more important to have every item labelled with your child's name - containers can become very expensive if you have to keep replenishing the stock just because they get lost at school!

Easy solution label everything with our custom labels


Kit yourself ready for the year

PRESCHOOL LABELS  Know matter how hard you try containers always seem to walk


Know matter how hard you try containers always seem to walk

SCHOOL LUNCHES  Things always go missing or get left on the school grounds


Things always go missing or get left on the school grounds

WORK BREAKS  Don't let people steal your food from the fridge!


Don't let people steal your food from the fridge!


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healthy ideas

healthy ideas

cool lunch ideas

cool lunch ideas

Need to update or have you run out of space on your honour boards?

Think Graphic Communication are honoured to be able to produce your boards, and maintain the updates annually for your club or school.


Honour Boards

Custom made to order


Custom made honour boards are like creating a beautiful piece of art to display on your walls.

The process takes time and patience with many steps having to be repeated in order to produce the perfect finish.

We can supply honour boards for clubs or schools, and offer you the option of using traditional hand painted gold leaf lettering, or vinyl cut lettering

Many think that the skill of hand painting is lost, but we can assure you that this is just a myth.

We are proud to be able to offer this technical skill as one of our many services to you.


Honour boards create a visual lasting legacy, so let us help you maintain or start, a club or school tradition.

After designing and installing your honour board, we can visit your location annually keeping your board updated and current.

Black Hill Public Sports feature wall

Our design team had a great time creating this master sports feature wall for Black Hill Public School.


School signs

Aboriginal theme designs and colours


Bright earthy colours, Aboriginal theme designs, bold simple lettering such a good mix for an effective layout.

Our finished product was impressive, above and beyond what we had hoped for!

The signs were printed and laminated using Hexis vinyl then mounted on high quality aluminium composite panel for strength and a smooth, even flat surface. This way the signs are easy to  maintain and produce a beautiful finish.


Black Hill Public School is a safe, happy and caring environment that fosters positive self-esteem, develops self-motivation and self-discipline, so that each student can realise their own individual potential and be prepared for future challenges.

Our school was looking for a way to finish off our sports houses feature wall in a dynamic way. We went to Think Graphic Communication and were provided with the perfect way to complete the job. The concept and design was based on a simple colour and name based information.
— Matthew Braye

If you like what you we did for Black Hill Public School and would like something custom made for your own school please feel free to contact one of our friendly help team


St Joseph's Bounce back for kids


The children at St Josephs were delighted at their new Value's signage that we designed for their playground area.

We were contacted by Jennifer Edstein to make use of their blank brick wall that they had near the children's playground. A few ideas were thrown around then the Bounce Back values were decided upon.

Bright and colourful, friendly and lots of movement were the characteristics we were trying to achieve for this design, which I believe we achieved.

The signs definitely brightened up a once dull and uninspiring space.

Just wanted to thank you both for your efforts with our signage. The visitors were very taken with both lots and several asked who did them, especially the Values signage. I really appreciate that you worked in with our timeline. Great job as usual.
— Regards Jennifer