Diamonds are forever

It is rare to find such gems to work with, but we were lucky enough to help Diamond rebrand their office space and vehicle graphics.

Jodie and Sam were great to collaborate with on this project. They knew what they wanted which really helps with the decision process. You can see the ladies seated in front of our privacy screen we installed for them


It was a bit exciting as the ladies were wanting to surprise their staff so we had to do a secret squirrel, which I found out meant we were undercover. This meant we had to attack this under the protection of darkness so no-one would see us.

Now I'm not sure if you know it but it is pretty hard to get water to evaporate in the freezing cold temperature, so this posed a little problem for us, but under the commandment of Jodie our mission was accomplished before the sun rose


Entering the building we installed a wall mount perspex sign with their logo-clean, simple

Diamond design team created some great posters which we mounted for them on PVC so they could place them around the office walls.



You cannot rebrand your company without changing your vehicles!

So that is exactly what we did. Once again we worked with Jodie and Sam to fine tune their vehicle layout again keeping the design clean and simple.


Diamond strive to provide you with the best possible ICT solutions.

As an award winning ICT Company, we recognise the importance of understanding and anticipating our customer’s needs so that we can deliver an exceptional customer experience that consistently exceeds expectations

Since 1996 they have built a solid reputation as an industry leader by focusing on and providing the following key benefits:

  • A single point of contact to a diverse ICT range
  • Quality products backed by great service
  • Expert advice you can trust
  • Friendly professional team with over 50 talented people that speak your language
  • Reliable solutions that meet your business needs

Not only do they pride themselves on their ability to deliver reliable and safe solutions, they also conduct themselves in a professional manner with a high level of integrity that allows them to contribute positively to their customer’s businesses and the wider community.