Great start to the 2018/19 wingless season

Brock was in awesome form for the start of his season racing. One would say he had wings not wingless.

In heat 3 he was positioned 6th and by the first corner was in 2nd position challenging for 1st position and he made the pass on lap 3 where he stayed for the rest of the race finishing in first position with a best lap time of 16.418 this was also the best of all the heats

The had a problem with the car in his 2nd heat dropped them to 4th before coming into the infield and shutting it down for the night even though

So proud of the way Brock drove in the first head it was home on Sunday and the preparation for this Saturday night is underway

They are racing at Valvoline Raceway Parramatta if your looking for a fun family night out come on down and say hello at the end of the race meeting come into the pits say hello meet the team and have a look at the car

Brock Gardiner Racer set to go

2018 is going to be a great year for the Gardiner Motorsports crew

Especially now that they have their new design for their racer designed and applied by us the Think Graphic Racing Team!

Brock even has a matching helmet again, designed and wrapped by our team they are sure to win.


Little bit different from last years design

SEPTEMBER 29th is when it all starts!

Season Opener Gilgandra Speedway

Fresh Decals for Slam Engineering

We were asked by our friends at Slam Engineering to apply their brand onto their new Rav4 vehicles. 
Simple and smart was our brief

Lucky their brand was well designed to accommodate for any format, so were able to design the decals to fit anywhere on the vehicle body.



Printable cast PVC film

This product is specially dedicated to full wraps, wall wraps or complex surfaces. The combination of highly conformable cast vinyls and the HEX’PRESS technology offers high-quality results while reducing the application time. 

Luckily the brand rep was happy with our work! I think his smile says it all.

(Yes there is a car behind our cute model)


For those who don't know the Slam Engineering & Consulting team have over 100 years mining experience

Working on, designing, leading and managing resources for fixed plant and mobile equipment maintenance.

This experience was obtained through working for major mining houses, large consultancy firms and respected suppliers for both open-cut, underground and processing operations in the coal, metalliferous and bauxite commodities.

2018 LeMons car race design is hot!

Another year another lemon. This years 24 hour of LeMons car entrant for our fantastic crew from Millfields Turkeys in Stroud  is our best yet.

A fun play on Hotwheels was their inspiration this time, and I think that we nailed it. 

Love this design and it was sooo much fun to design.

What the heck? What the Hell!

24 Hours of Lemons presents Australian endurance racing for $999 cars. It’s a breeding ground for inflated egos and God like status… in their own minds. It's where Mercedes and Mazda, Toyota and Hyundai do battle for the glory of gloating rights. All are winners if they make it to the end, which is the very point of LEMONS... To FINISH!!

Make sure you get behind these guys.

Jolly fun with coffee on the run

New on the streets Jolly Beans Mobile Coffee!

Jolly Beans came to us with an existing logo but they weren't quite happy with it, so we enjoyed updating their logo

The Think Team had fun creating this logo- tribal foundations,


bright happy colours, floral and fauna annnd coffee how could you not.


The colour palette was chosen to reflect Marie's bright, happy personality. We also tried to implement her heritage in our logo design.

Once you meet Marie you'll understand where 'Jolly' comes from in the name.

When everyone was happy with the logo concept the trailer design was created

jolly beans trailer unbranded.jpg

Jolly Beans mobile coffee trailer

clean and white white with great curves, before the fantastic happy makeover


Fresh, bold and joyful - that was the aim

jolly beans design.jpg

design concept

jolly beans in the making


As you can see from the photos taken from Marie herself and shared on her FB page, the final design turned out great!.

Simple, clean and bright

Only the best materials were used for the installation ensuring quality and durability for the prints.

I’m beyond happy with the signage on my coffee trailer. I had an idea in my head and Chanelle and the team brought it to life. The service was amazing, always got back to be quickly with design ideas. I can’t thank you guys enough and I will be back for some merchandise!
— Marie Pung

Racing with Gardiner Motorsports were proud to be part sponsorship with Gardiner Motorsports

Etablished in 2008, Gardiner Motorsport is a Wingless Sprint team based in Newcastle, NSW.
Running the V6-powered NSW # 12 Cool machine, previously owned by Kerry Madsen, they compete on a regular basis at their closest track, Sydney’s Valvoline Raceway, and throughout the state of NSW at tracks including Lismore Speedway, Grafton Speedway, Nowra Speedway, Gilgandra Speedway, Dubbo’s Morris Park Speedway and Goulburn Speedway. 


racer before


truck before

The Think Team design was a bit different to what you would normally see on a traditional racing vehicle.

Instead of using a script font combined with a bold letter they created a modern look to suit the young driver Brock Gardiner.

Sharp, dynamic lines, bold colours contrasting against the stark black and white background with highlights of clear blue popping at different moments.

Meanwhile the truck holding the Racer was kept to a minimal design.

Very clean and easy to read from a distance keeping the sponsors happy.


Gardiner Driver

Having first stepped into speedway in  the 2013-14 season, joining the Junior Sedans class where he raced a Ford Laser, Brock Gardiner spent 2 seasons honing his skills in the class, with his time being high lighted by a third place finish in the NSW Title at Grafton Speedway, I what was only his fourth ever race meeting.

After making the move into wingless sprints in 2015-16, the 19 year old racer from Heddon Greta has gained significant experience, along with building on his confidence and consistency, which he hopes to continue doing as he prepares to launch his third season.

What do you get when you cross a cat and a lemon? A sour puss were racing the clock this week as they had to wrap a car ready for the Lemons 24hr racing rally.


24 Hours of Lemons presents Australian endurance racing for $999 cars.

It’s a breeding ground for inflated egos and God like status… in their own minds. It's where Mercedes and Mazda, Toyota and Hyundai do battle for the glory of gloating rights.

All are winners if they make it to the end, which is the very point of LEMONS... To FINISH!!


With the rules the car is not a pretty sight to start with so we didn't have a great deal to work with from the beginning.

But we managed to turn a lemon into lemonade.

LOL Racing team- Nana, Snowy, Cletus, Rowdy, Shiny and Loopy bubbled with excitement when they finally got to see the finished result


How good are the gold rims!

A mixture of vinyls were used on the job, but mostly Hexis car wrapping film for it's flexibility and ease of use.

Splash of colour here and there, simple layout as requested, and there you have it a race car!

                              There are some crazy and funny designs entered 


A layout was provided to us but we tweaked it a little it to make the Hunter Galvanizing logo pop that bit more. 

The other sponsors include:














Royce working hard

Or hardly working?


Paw Poser

Our furry helpers


24 Hours of Lemons Australia - The biggest & cheapest Motorsport Event on the planet! Buy a stock standard 'Lemon' (= no performance mods!) and bung some safety gear into it! Theme and dress up your car & drivers then drive it around a professional racetrack for up to 24 hours! Prizes for teams that last the distance - penalties for those with 'misplaced talent' - fun for everyone!

Big shout out to the wonderful team we really hope you guys get lots of fines but eventually win the race!

Diamonds are forever

It is rare to find such gems to work with, but we were lucky enough to help Diamond rebrand their office space and vehicle graphics.

Jodie and Sam were great to collaborate with on this project. They knew what they wanted which really helps with the decision process. You can see the ladies seated in front of our privacy screen we installed for them


It was a bit exciting as the ladies were wanting to surprise their staff so we had to do a secret squirrel, which I found out meant we were undercover. This meant we had to attack this under the protection of darkness so no-one would see us.

Now I'm not sure if you know it but it is pretty hard to get water to evaporate in the freezing cold temperature, so this posed a little problem for us, but under the commandment of Jodie our mission was accomplished before the sun rose


Entering the building we installed a wall mount perspex sign with their logo-clean, simple

Diamond design team created some great posters which we mounted for them on PVC so they could place them around the office walls.



You cannot rebrand your company without changing your vehicles!

So that is exactly what we did. Once again we worked with Jodie and Sam to fine tune their vehicle layout again keeping the design clean and simple.


Diamond strive to provide you with the best possible ICT solutions.

As an award winning ICT Company, we recognise the importance of understanding and anticipating our customer’s needs so that we can deliver an exceptional customer experience that consistently exceeds expectations

Since 1996 they have built a solid reputation as an industry leader by focusing on and providing the following key benefits:

  • A single point of contact to a diverse ICT range
  • Quality products backed by great service
  • Expert advice you can trust
  • Friendly professional team with over 50 talented people that speak your language
  • Reliable solutions that meet your business needs

Not only do they pride themselves on their ability to deliver reliable and safe solutions, they also conduct themselves in a professional manner with a high level of integrity that allows them to contribute positively to their customer’s businesses and the wider community.

Pacific Holden has Courtesy wrapped up

Recently we applied new signage to Pacific Holden Gateshead's Customer Courtesy Vehicle. This not provides a great service to us the customers, but acts as a mobile advertising billboard as their happy customer drive around in this Astra.


The vehicle wrap was kept in same design as Pacific Holden's other vehicles 

This makes it easy to recognise and a memorable advertisment


Bold lettering, easy to read, a slight angle for a dramatic effect, and simple colour scheme with a band of red to grab your attention, is all that was needed for this sign to work.


As one of the newest Holden dealers in the Hunter Region, the friendly staff at Pacific Holden are there to assist you with any service, new and used vehicles or parts enquiry that you may have. 

They are located in Gateshead, near Newcastle and Cardiff and service the surrounding regions of NSW.

They boast a modern showroom and large display areas which allow customers to casually browse the great range of Holden Vehicles. Friendly staff are specialists who are proud of their association with General Motors Holden, are very helpful. They were easy to talk to and were happy to help out in any way even if it was just moving cars or cleaning the car for us before we applied the signs, and giving it an extra chamois so it was definitely dry for us.

Whether you are looking for new or demo car, or a certified pre-owned vehicle, Pacific Holden is the right place to visit. We’re sure that you’ll find what you’re looking for on our lot. However, if you don’t, let us know what you are looking for, and we’ll find the perfect vehicle suiting your needs. You can also browse our large inventory of new, used and certified preowned vehicles online; we’re sure you won’t be disappointed!

Colorado Wrap

That a wrap for another promotion for Kelly Holden Cardiff

Keep your eyes on the road for the new Holden Colorados we did this week!

Our think team designed the layout keeping in theme with the advertising campaign Kolden are currently running, then it was time for application of the vinyl.

win me!


Capability of a truck with car-like handling

  • Electric Power Steering
  • Revised Suspension Tune
  • 500Nm of torque (auto models only)
  • Maximum 1 tonne payload across the range
  • 3.5 tonne towing capacity
Cardiff drivers with the Holden Colorado are very impressed with its performance and have dubbed it as the best-in-class truck.

Stop by Kelly Holden if you are looking to score some great deals on the 2017 Holden Colorado in Cardiff. They have a huge inventory lined up for you to choose from. This pickup is the perfect combination of a sturdy exterior, comfortable interior, innovative technology and state-of-the-art safety features.

Check it out for yourself.


Head down to the Cardiff dealership and take the new Holden Colorado for a test drive today!

Contact our think team for more information on how we can help your own promotional campaign.

have you been nice??


Ned a great gift idea for that special person? Then we have it right here freshly wrapped and ready to go!

It's a new car!!!! The nifty Fiat 500 or the spacious 7 seater Freemont.

We recently did this job for McCarrolls Newcastle. This style of signage is designed to be eye catching and straight to the point. It only has a short term lifespan perfect for promotional purposes. Just ask Heath!

Keep an eye out for it on the road.

Just thought I would let you know that I have had several comments about the sign writing, especially the Fiat 500. They look AWESOME!
— Heath Williams Sales Manager McCarroll's Fiat Chrysler