The Concept brought to life


Think Graphic Communication helped make Newcastle's Newest Sporting and Fitness hub's dreams a reality!

The Concept Gym we shopfitted in Newcastle, is now located 16 George St Highfields right near the Azzurri Club and next door to our mates at Sports Clique

The Gym has loads of Hammerstrength Equipment, Group Classes, Crossfit and recovery facilities.


Similar theme to the old gym

1000s of Hand painted affirmations on the walls driving you to keep going!

Bright fluorescent colours highlight certain words for greater impact a theme carried out throughout all the rooms.

Higher up on the shed the walls are filled with sports memorabilia from all different codes - it looks amazing


Logo design

Josh Vincent tweeked the old logo and created a great brand for the new gym.

We branded the gym by clever placement of routed logos throughout the different spaces, adding more colour and life

Energetic sports images and the gym's slogans were combined for the front entrance on the automatic doors, designed creatively for an impressive lasting impact.


Every angle holds a message

Looking up we even applied decals to the support beams and metal framework

Custom canvases were designed and manufactured along with large posters and small framed posters and decals for mirrors


Custom signs made for every surface

For impact and colour one way vision was cleverly designed and applied to the front main doorway and back entrance to the cafe.

Support for local sporting teams were featured here along with more affirmations based around sporting teams. So when the teams are practicing in the nets, or just passing by they can be inspired to strive for greatness.


Privacy was established by using printed etching and printed images for doors and windows

Once again strong, powerful, uplifting images appropriate for the different rooms were applied throughout the gym such as the spa room below.

Every message used holds something personal for each individual.


The Concept Gym Newcastle packs a punch

The Think Team were at their best with this fitout at The Concept Gym.

There were so many interesting signs and displays that were custom made for the gym. From the moment you step out of your car you are met with the stunning figures and bright colours that just make you want to go inside and workout.

Here we achieved this great impact with the combination of one way vision, which allows light into the shop but you can see outside from the inside, fresh yellow and routed ACM sign for the main sign.

Step inside and it is just amazing!

Everywhere you look there are inspirational quotes and messages urging you to strive for your best and to keep going, never give up.


Walls, doors, windows even the equipment was used as a blank canvas.


Hand painted messages, posters, decals and canvases adorn the walls

Custom made canvases were made for the gym and hung, posters designed, decals laminating timber, punching bags or the lockers or even the toilet doors were applied. Each message was hand painted adding a personal touch, as if one of the members had drawn it themself.


In the Spin Room the Sydney Harbour Bridge and more inspirational quotes on the walls illuminate once the lights go out and the music starts pumping

the concept illuminate hand painted sign think graphic communication.JPG

watch this glow

This is amazing to see


We are so proud of this job and it was such a lot of hard work but soo much fun especially because of the great crew that work at the gym and helped us in any way that they could.