RTC grand entrance


What a grand site as you step out of the elevator at the RTC building in Newcastle!

This brilliant timeline was designed by local designer, and good friend of ours Josh Vincent.

It depicts the early years of The RTC group showing classic images of Richard Claut as a younger lad, through to today. It is amazing how far you have come, and you just don't appreciate it until it is shown to you. And what a stylish way to show the world.


Design Aspects

To complete this wall art we printed the supplied artwork onto wall paper vinyl, preparing the wall first of course, and added a third dimension mounting the brushed aluminium RTC logo off the wall with stand-offs.

The black and white images contrast greatly with the RTC yellow which leads you throughout the timeline. 

This was just the finishing touch to the office space for Rich and his crew

Komatsu interior decor

Komatsu was looking for a way to make their offices, although they were neat, a little more interesting for the workers and visitors.

So that is where we stepped in.

Working with the team from Komatsu was great, they were so helpful with anything. They wanted a way to showcase some of their machinery and branded imagery around the office walls, creating some movement and colour to the office environment.

We worked with various materials such as etch vinyl, perpex panels, wall paper vinyl to create different moods at various locations around the walls and glass doors

Frosted Glass Artwork

Such a nice look - rugged, industrial images displayed around the office walls and glass doors.

This image was printed on etch vinyl and applied to the glass doors to the staff room.

An excellent way to provide privacy and showcase some branding ideas.


Front Counter Sign

What a great idea - a DNA timeline!

This sign was applied on clear perspex with a matte finish for a clean, non reflective finish, and mounted off the wall with stand-offs.

Interesting and informative, making a boring wall inspiring, considering this is the first thing you see as you enter the reception


Complete hallway canvases

We brought some life to the pure white office with this awesome shot of the mining trucks.

Once you walk down the 6m long hallway you feel like you need to dust yourself off. Wrapping the image around the wall with wall paper created such a great impact, as you walked into the office you got that initial wow factor, as well as finishing off the look neatly.

Komatsu had this brilliant shot of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, which just had to be put on display, so once again we wallpapered this space. The blue pops across the room, creating a calm feel in the office. The gentleman that worked at that station loved the look.


Love the look?

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