Where should you go for branding?

The obvious place is Think Graphic Communication

Our aim is to make it as easy as possible for people to notice you

Everything from your business cards to your building signage or even branded environment projects. Our team will design artwork to show you what the finished product will look like and make it work for you over a variety of applications. Print, embroidery, online, signs or vehicles.


Komatsu interior decor

Komatsu was looking for a way to make their offices, although they were neat, a little more interesting for the workers and visitors.

So that is where we stepped in.

Working with the team from Komatsu was great, they were so helpful with anything. They wanted a way to showcase some of their machinery and branded imagery around the office walls, creating some movement and colour to the office environment.

We worked with various materials such as etch vinyl, perpex panels, wall paper vinyl to create different moods at various locations around the walls and glass doors

Frosted Glass Artwork

Such a nice look - rugged, industrial images displayed around the office walls and glass doors.

This image was printed on etch vinyl and applied to the glass doors to the staff room.

An excellent way to provide privacy and showcase some branding ideas.


Front Counter Sign

What a great idea - a DNA timeline!

This sign was applied on clear perspex with a matte finish for a clean, non reflective finish, and mounted off the wall with stand-offs.

Interesting and informative, making a boring wall inspiring, considering this is the first thing you see as you enter the reception


Complete hallway canvases

We brought some life to the pure white office with this awesome shot of the mining trucks.

Once you walk down the 6m long hallway you feel like you need to dust yourself off. Wrapping the image around the wall with wall paper created such a great impact, as you walked into the office you got that initial wow factor, as well as finishing off the look neatly.

Komatsu had this brilliant shot of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, which just had to be put on display, so once again we wallpapered this space. The blue pops across the room, creating a calm feel in the office. The gentleman that worked at that station loved the look.


Love the look?

Contact us to see how we can help bring some life to your own workplace and inspire a great energy flow.

The Crepe Myrtle Tea & Coffee Rooms Stroud

A splash of colour, easy listening music, great coffee and food that's exactly the experience you get at the Crepe Myrtle in Stroud. Situated at  63 Cowper Street (The Bucketts Way) Stroud between the historic Court House- Museum and picturesque Post Office, this quaint coffee shop is a must stop on your travels.

The Think Team went on the journey with the owners Judy and Kerry in the building of this spectacular shop.


Collaborating with the Myrtle team, this stunning brand concept came to life.

Judy loves colour so pinks, purple, greens were combined against pure white to create a fresh vibrant feel.

Once we had the logo we were able to design business cards, booklets, pamphlets, email signatures, signs, menus anything and everything they required.


Custom signage

Of course you cannot have a premises without signage! Each sign was custom designed just for the Crepe Myrtle from the billboards to the toilet doors even the welcome mat


Custom artwork

Out team were delighted to be working with such stunning artworks and manipulating them into masterpieces decorating walls inside and out in various techniques


All around the shop there are beautiful images and artworks. At the back entrance of the building we created this stunning effect by installing a fake wall, continuing the image over the doors and windows made the image flow into the shop. 3D canvases were placed on top of the stunning pink horizon to create depth and contrast


Custom made canvases

Inside the walls are adorned with canvases we printed and custom manufactured in house


Custom Branding

The Crepe Myrtle produce their own jams, spreads, biscuits, sweets and dressing, so of course these had to be labelled as well. Along with stationary, menus and signage.

So we had to design and adapt the logo for more creative branding badges.



Photography shoots were organised to capture the Crepe Myrtle Kitchen's unique flavours and authenticity. Each room were shot along with retail therapy room, the inside and outside of the premises, food, produce, and individual 

the crepe myrtle tea & coffee rooms pizzas.jpg

Website design

Another service we had to offer the Crepe Myrtle was to build a website and set up all their social media platforms

The Crepe Myrtle Tea & Coffee Rooms free wifi.jpg

view website

Sportsclique signed and contained ready to kick off

Sports Clique opened their doors to the public outside the Azzurri Club and The Concept Gym at Highfields.

We were lucky enough to team up with Joel and design some bright and fun signage for them creating quite an impact on arrival. Magic was made using historical images of soccer legends such as Maradona,Zinedine Zidane , and clever posterised designs, turning the once boring shipping container into a work of art.


Obviously Joel is a mad soccer fan, so as you walk inside the container you are surrounded by more legends

• Johan Cruyff (puma legend) 

• Pele (puma legend) 

• Eusebio (puma legend) 

• Neymar jnr (current player) 

• Roy Keane (Manchester united legend) 

• Ray Baartz (Joel's uncle and ex Socceroo) 

• Ronaldo (old Brazilian Ronaldo not current Portuguese player Ronaldo) 

• Zinedine Zidane 

• Antoine Griezmann (current puma player) 

Baggio makes a striking entrance but not before he takes a quick selfie with Royce


Transforming the dull change room into a work of art was achieved by layering more legends,with bright colours and hand drawn sketches. The walls were prepared and covered with our printable wallpaper. As you can see this material can turn nothing to something it only takes a bit of imagination and the balls(excuse the pun) to be different.


We can't forget the outside. Kept these signs near the practice grounds at Azzurri simple and easy to read, but watch this space as there are more designs on the horizon for this canvas.

The team at think graphic were amazing to work with from start to finish, they provided me with a premium product at a very affordable price, and did it all with a smile on their faces and a good sense of humour. I’d highly recommend them to anyone
— Joel Grenell Owner | General manager Sportsclique Australia

PPK Firefly


With PPK acquiring an underground drilling and boring equipment company, Firefly International, meant that we were lucky enough to rebrand the Firefly site. This included their main building signs, vehicle decals, road and directional signs, even containers which were despatched to one of their Queensland sites.

It was a pretty quick makeover but Katie Lawrence was a delight to work with. We look forward to working with Firefly in the future.


Skiff Australian championships


We were fortunate to go onboard the ATB Morton sponsor boat 'Yes Dear' on New Years Eve at the 16ft & 13ft Skiff Australian Championships held at Belmont 16's. It was great to look around and all you could see was a sea of ATB Morton. For the event we designed custom postcards, eskys, flags, pullups, banners, pens, magnets anything you could think of.