Brock Gardiner Racer set to go

2018 is going to be a great year for the Gardiner Motorsports crew

Especially now that they have their new design for their racer designed and applied by us the Think Graphic Racing Team!

Brock even has a matching helmet again, designed and wrapped by our team they are sure to win.


Little bit different from last years design

SEPTEMBER 29th is when it all starts!

Season Opener Gilgandra Speedway

Racing with Gardiner Motorsports were proud to be part sponsorship with Gardiner Motorsports

Etablished in 2008, Gardiner Motorsport is a Wingless Sprint team based in Newcastle, NSW.
Running the V6-powered NSW # 12 Cool machine, previously owned by Kerry Madsen, they compete on a regular basis at their closest track, Sydney’s Valvoline Raceway, and throughout the state of NSW at tracks including Lismore Speedway, Grafton Speedway, Nowra Speedway, Gilgandra Speedway, Dubbo’s Morris Park Speedway and Goulburn Speedway. 


racer before


truck before

The Think Team design was a bit different to what you would normally see on a traditional racing vehicle.

Instead of using a script font combined with a bold letter they created a modern look to suit the young driver Brock Gardiner.

Sharp, dynamic lines, bold colours contrasting against the stark black and white background with highlights of clear blue popping at different moments.

Meanwhile the truck holding the Racer was kept to a minimal design.

Very clean and easy to read from a distance keeping the sponsors happy.


Gardiner Driver

Having first stepped into speedway in  the 2013-14 season, joining the Junior Sedans class where he raced a Ford Laser, Brock Gardiner spent 2 seasons honing his skills in the class, with his time being high lighted by a third place finish in the NSW Title at Grafton Speedway, I what was only his fourth ever race meeting.

After making the move into wingless sprints in 2015-16, the 19 year old racer from Heddon Greta has gained significant experience, along with building on his confidence and consistency, which he hopes to continue doing as he prepares to launch his third season.