Chilly Christmas at Marketplace Raymond Terrace

Santa made it to Raymond Terrace Marketplace

We thought we would share some photos of the fantastic Christmas display we created Christmas 2018. It was truly a magical job to create.


Almost everything on display here we painted.

The castle was sprayed icy blues, Toy soldiers patched and resprayed, Gift boxes painted and wrapped with custom designed ribbons.


Paving the way to Santa

The magical pebble path to Santa was laid in that fantastic fairy hour when no-one knows how or when it actually happens. Even the reindeers and birds got their imprints in the snow

Near the archway was a letterbox direct to Santa which was also painted to suit the cold, snowy blue theme and a clock to match.


It was a massive job designing, creating and installing the masterpiece but totally worth it.

Merry Christmas in July!


Brock Gardiner Racer set to go

2018 is going to be a great year for the Gardiner Motorsports crew

Especially now that they have their new design for their racer designed and applied by us the Think Graphic Racing Team!

Brock even has a matching helmet again, designed and wrapped by our team they are sure to win.


Little bit different from last years design

SEPTEMBER 29th is when it all starts!

Season Opener Gilgandra Speedway

Fresh Decals for Slam Engineering

We were asked by our friends at Slam Engineering to apply their brand onto their new Rav4 vehicles. 
Simple and smart was our brief

Lucky their brand was well designed to accommodate for any format, so were able to design the decals to fit anywhere on the vehicle body.



Printable cast PVC film

This product is specially dedicated to full wraps, wall wraps or complex surfaces. The combination of highly conformable cast vinyls and the HEX’PRESS technology offers high-quality results while reducing the application time. 

Luckily the brand rep was happy with our work! I think his smile says it all.

(Yes there is a car behind our cute model)


For those who don't know the Slam Engineering & Consulting team have over 100 years mining experience

Working on, designing, leading and managing resources for fixed plant and mobile equipment maintenance.

This experience was obtained through working for major mining houses, large consultancy firms and respected suppliers for both open-cut, underground and processing operations in the coal, metalliferous and bauxite commodities.

2018 LeMons car race design is hot!

Another year another lemon. This years 24 hour of LeMons car entrant for our fantastic crew from Millfields Turkeys in Stroud  is our best yet.

A fun play on Hotwheels was their inspiration this time, and I think that we nailed it. 

Love this design and it was sooo much fun to design.

What the heck? What the Hell!

24 Hours of Lemons presents Australian endurance racing for $999 cars. It’s a breeding ground for inflated egos and God like status… in their own minds. It's where Mercedes and Mazda, Toyota and Hyundai do battle for the glory of gloating rights. All are winners if they make it to the end, which is the very point of LEMONS... To FINISH!!

Make sure you get behind these guys.

Where should you go for branding?

The obvious place is Think Graphic Communication

Our aim is to make it as easy as possible for people to notice you

Everything from your business cards to your building signage or even branded environment projects. Our team will design artwork to show you what the finished product will look like and make it work for you over a variety of applications. Print, embroidery, online, signs or vehicles.


All-new Swift is here

And it’s even better than before.

With its enhanced design, the latest technology, exhilarating turbo performance and advanced preventative safety features, this is the revolution of an icon that has already sold over five million units worldwide.


Design for the promotion

Our job was to make this great car seen for the crew from Kelly Suzuki Gateshead

To do this we ran the lettering on an angle to create some movement, in bright reds contrasting with the blues and black as it sat on the brilliant yellow background.

Large was the key for this design being a small car, and the blue has such a fresh, vibrant feel.


And of course the unmistakable Suzuki logo for easy recognition.

Hexis vinyl materials were applied to make this masterpiece look effective

Totally rebuilt and refined from the ground up, the powerful, distinctive styling features a low, wide stance and sleek muscular lines that create a bolder, more striking impression.

So step into the brand new Swift and experience everything that has made it a true icon — and more.
If you like the look of the car give Richard a call at Kelly Suzuki Gateshead


A wind of change is blowing through the world of compact hatchbacks!

As unique as you are

Very fashionable, the all-new Citroën C3 is characterised by a trendy and optimistic design, animated by coloured inserts and graphic elements like the Airbump® panels. Its expressive and unique shape makes it immediately recognisable in its segment. Style, personalisation, Citroën Advanced Comfort®, new technologies, optional ConnectedCAM Citroën™ and more…


Design for the promotion

Eye catching, bit of colour and clean were the specs from Dean @Pacific Euro.

To accomplish this bold clean, crisp lettering was angled along the sides of the car, with splashes of Citroen's colour palette of blues and greenish/yellow


Love at first site!

The unique shape of the all-new C3 sets itself apart with a charismatic front face and generous curves which give it a powerful and energetic stance. Its smooth lines, its graphic signature and its colours make it a trendy and “pop” model. With the C3, free yourself and go with today’s trends!

If you like the look of the car give Dean a call down at Pacific Euro Gateshead today

Splash Puppy RV signed off


Keep an eye on the road for this big rig!

The crew from Splash Puppy will be on tour around Australia offering dog washing and grooming and quality retail products.

Acting as sales representatives Ray & Jenny showcase grooming products and equipment for leading wholesale grooming businesses including Petway Petcare.

splash puppy crew.jpg

We both love dogs

and have 20 years combined experience working within the dog grooming industry

Our job was to get their massive RV and trailer signwritten and ready to hit the road. In this case this was pretty easy as the artwork was supplied by Jenny with only a few tweaks to be made, then it was right to print. 

Bright colours, easy lettering, point forms and a puppy who wouldn't love this sign?!


For everything 'Doggy' Call 0438 369 399

Holden Equinox

Like you, this SUV has nothing to prove

The perfect SUV for real life

You can’t always predict what’s next, but who’d want to?

So Holden designed an SUV that’s built to have your back. Like luxury leather–appointed seats you can sink into in style but are also easy to clean. Or a panoramic glass sunroof to sunbathe like a boss and top up your vitamin D after a day in the office. And that’s just for starters.


Design for the promotion

Our job was to make this great car seen for the crew from Kelly Holden Cardiff

To do this we used bold clean, crisp lettering splashed along the sides of the car, in white and silver for high contrast against the red.

Fancy tech included points were applied to the rear and front of the car providing more details of the features the Equinox has to offer

And of course the unmistakable Holden logo for easy recognition.

A variety of materials were used- one way vision, clear printed vinyl on the Gerber, Avery cast and metallic, Hexis repostik all to make this masterpiece look effective


No fancy names, just heaps of great features to make every day easier.
If you like the look of the car give Andreas Andreou a call down at Kelly Holden Cardiff



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custom design

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What Is Heat Transfer Vinyl?

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Racing with Gardiner Motorsports were proud to be part sponsorship with Gardiner Motorsports

Etablished in 2008, Gardiner Motorsport is a Wingless Sprint team based in Newcastle, NSW.
Running the V6-powered NSW # 12 Cool machine, previously owned by Kerry Madsen, they compete on a regular basis at their closest track, Sydney’s Valvoline Raceway, and throughout the state of NSW at tracks including Lismore Speedway, Grafton Speedway, Nowra Speedway, Gilgandra Speedway, Dubbo’s Morris Park Speedway and Goulburn Speedway. 


racer before


truck before

The Think Team design was a bit different to what you would normally see on a traditional racing vehicle.

Instead of using a script font combined with a bold letter they created a modern look to suit the young driver Brock Gardiner.

Sharp, dynamic lines, bold colours contrasting against the stark black and white background with highlights of clear blue popping at different moments.

Meanwhile the truck holding the Racer was kept to a minimal design.

Very clean and easy to read from a distance keeping the sponsors happy.


Gardiner Driver

Having first stepped into speedway in  the 2013-14 season, joining the Junior Sedans class where he raced a Ford Laser, Brock Gardiner spent 2 seasons honing his skills in the class, with his time being high lighted by a third place finish in the NSW Title at Grafton Speedway, I what was only his fourth ever race meeting.

After making the move into wingless sprints in 2015-16, the 19 year old racer from Heddon Greta has gained significant experience, along with building on his confidence and consistency, which he hopes to continue doing as he prepares to launch his third season.

What do you get when you cross a cat and a lemon? A sour puss were racing the clock this week as they had to wrap a car ready for the Lemons 24hr racing rally.


24 Hours of Lemons presents Australian endurance racing for $999 cars.

It’s a breeding ground for inflated egos and God like status… in their own minds. It's where Mercedes and Mazda, Toyota and Hyundai do battle for the glory of gloating rights.

All are winners if they make it to the end, which is the very point of LEMONS... To FINISH!!


With the rules the car is not a pretty sight to start with so we didn't have a great deal to work with from the beginning.

But we managed to turn a lemon into lemonade.

LOL Racing team- Nana, Snowy, Cletus, Rowdy, Shiny and Loopy bubbled with excitement when they finally got to see the finished result


How good are the gold rims!

A mixture of vinyls were used on the job, but mostly Hexis car wrapping film for it's flexibility and ease of use.

Splash of colour here and there, simple layout as requested, and there you have it a race car!

                              There are some crazy and funny designs entered 


A layout was provided to us but we tweaked it a little it to make the Hunter Galvanizing logo pop that bit more. 

The other sponsors include:














Royce working hard

Or hardly working?


Paw Poser

Our furry helpers


24 Hours of Lemons Australia - The biggest & cheapest Motorsport Event on the planet! Buy a stock standard 'Lemon' (= no performance mods!) and bung some safety gear into it! Theme and dress up your car & drivers then drive it around a professional racetrack for up to 24 hours! Prizes for teams that last the distance - penalties for those with 'misplaced talent' - fun for everyone!

Big shout out to the wonderful team we really hope you guys get lots of fines but eventually win the race!

Pacific Holden has Courtesy wrapped up

Recently we applied new signage to Pacific Holden Gateshead's Customer Courtesy Vehicle. This not provides a great service to us the customers, but acts as a mobile advertising billboard as their happy customer drive around in this Astra.


The vehicle wrap was kept in same design as Pacific Holden's other vehicles 

This makes it easy to recognise and a memorable advertisment


Bold lettering, easy to read, a slight angle for a dramatic effect, and simple colour scheme with a band of red to grab your attention, is all that was needed for this sign to work.


As one of the newest Holden dealers in the Hunter Region, the friendly staff at Pacific Holden are there to assist you with any service, new and used vehicles or parts enquiry that you may have. 

They are located in Gateshead, near Newcastle and Cardiff and service the surrounding regions of NSW.

They boast a modern showroom and large display areas which allow customers to casually browse the great range of Holden Vehicles. Friendly staff are specialists who are proud of their association with General Motors Holden, are very helpful. They were easy to talk to and were happy to help out in any way even if it was just moving cars or cleaning the car for us before we applied the signs, and giving it an extra chamois so it was definitely dry for us.

Whether you are looking for new or demo car, or a certified pre-owned vehicle, Pacific Holden is the right place to visit. We’re sure that you’ll find what you’re looking for on our lot. However, if you don’t, let us know what you are looking for, and we’ll find the perfect vehicle suiting your needs. You can also browse our large inventory of new, used and certified preowned vehicles online; we’re sure you won’t be disappointed!

The Crepe Myrtle Tea & Coffee Rooms Stroud

A splash of colour, easy listening music, great coffee and food that's exactly the experience you get at the Crepe Myrtle in Stroud. Situated at  63 Cowper Street (The Bucketts Way) Stroud between the historic Court House- Museum and picturesque Post Office, this quaint coffee shop is a must stop on your travels.

The Think Team went on the journey with the owners Judy and Kerry in the building of this spectacular shop.


Collaborating with the Myrtle team, this stunning brand concept came to life.

Judy loves colour so pinks, purple, greens were combined against pure white to create a fresh vibrant feel.

Once we had the logo we were able to design business cards, booklets, pamphlets, email signatures, signs, menus anything and everything they required.


Custom signage

Of course you cannot have a premises without signage! Each sign was custom designed just for the Crepe Myrtle from the billboards to the toilet doors even the welcome mat


Custom artwork

Out team were delighted to be working with such stunning artworks and manipulating them into masterpieces decorating walls inside and out in various techniques


All around the shop there are beautiful images and artworks. At the back entrance of the building we created this stunning effect by installing a fake wall, continuing the image over the doors and windows made the image flow into the shop. 3D canvases were placed on top of the stunning pink horizon to create depth and contrast


Custom made canvases

Inside the walls are adorned with canvases we printed and custom manufactured in house


Custom Branding

The Crepe Myrtle produce their own jams, spreads, biscuits, sweets and dressing, so of course these had to be labelled as well. Along with stationary, menus and signage.

So we had to design and adapt the logo for more creative branding badges.



Photography shoots were organised to capture the Crepe Myrtle Kitchen's unique flavours and authenticity. Each room were shot along with retail therapy room, the inside and outside of the premises, food, produce, and individual 

the crepe myrtle tea & coffee rooms pizzas.jpg

Website design

Another service we had to offer the Crepe Myrtle was to build a website and set up all their social media platforms

The Crepe Myrtle Tea & Coffee Rooms free wifi.jpg

view website

Colorado Wrap

That a wrap for another promotion for Kelly Holden Cardiff

Keep your eyes on the road for the new Holden Colorados we did this week!

Our think team designed the layout keeping in theme with the advertising campaign Kolden are currently running, then it was time for application of the vinyl.

win me!


Capability of a truck with car-like handling

  • Electric Power Steering
  • Revised Suspension Tune
  • 500Nm of torque (auto models only)
  • Maximum 1 tonne payload across the range
  • 3.5 tonne towing capacity
Cardiff drivers with the Holden Colorado are very impressed with its performance and have dubbed it as the best-in-class truck.

Stop by Kelly Holden if you are looking to score some great deals on the 2017 Holden Colorado in Cardiff. They have a huge inventory lined up for you to choose from. This pickup is the perfect combination of a sturdy exterior, comfortable interior, innovative technology and state-of-the-art safety features.

Check it out for yourself.


Head down to the Cardiff dealership and take the new Holden Colorado for a test drive today!

Contact our think team for more information on how we can help your own promotional campaign.

Sportsclique signed and contained ready to kick off

Sports Clique opened their doors to the public outside the Azzurri Club and The Concept Gym at Highfields.

We were lucky enough to team up with Joel and design some bright and fun signage for them creating quite an impact on arrival. Magic was made using historical images of soccer legends such as Maradona,Zinedine Zidane , and clever posterised designs, turning the once boring shipping container into a work of art.


Obviously Joel is a mad soccer fan, so as you walk inside the container you are surrounded by more legends

• Johan Cruyff (puma legend) 

• Pele (puma legend) 

• Eusebio (puma legend) 

• Neymar jnr (current player) 

• Roy Keane (Manchester united legend) 

• Ray Baartz (Joel's uncle and ex Socceroo) 

• Ronaldo (old Brazilian Ronaldo not current Portuguese player Ronaldo) 

• Zinedine Zidane 

• Antoine Griezmann (current puma player) 

Baggio makes a striking entrance but not before he takes a quick selfie with Royce


Transforming the dull change room into a work of art was achieved by layering more legends,with bright colours and hand drawn sketches. The walls were prepared and covered with our printable wallpaper. As you can see this material can turn nothing to something it only takes a bit of imagination and the balls(excuse the pun) to be different.


We can't forget the outside. Kept these signs near the practice grounds at Azzurri simple and easy to read, but watch this space as there are more designs on the horizon for this canvas.

The team at think graphic were amazing to work with from start to finish, they provided me with a premium product at a very affordable price, and did it all with a smile on their faces and a good sense of humour. I’d highly recommend them to anyone
— Joel Grenell Owner | General manager Sportsclique Australia

Promotional signs

cost-effective, creative, eye-catching promotional signs, ensuring your company, product or special gets the attention it deserves

Think Graphic Communication design and supply short-term promotional items like banners and mesh fence signs, to longer-term options such as A-frames and floor signage  

If you are looking for something a bit more traditional that packs a punch hand painted window splashes are another option for you to consider

Perhaps you are after customised items such as t-shirts, eskies , fishing mats then send us a line today 

Coffee anyone?


We have bean madly working with Celeste Wells from The Coffee Well trying to get them signaged up for their first big carnival. We managed to wrap their van, design and manufacture menus & banners in time for their event. Keep an eye out for them, Celeste makes a mean latte.

The images are some that Celeste was thoughtful enough to snap and send to us. Thanks Celeste.