Sportsclique signed and contained ready to kick off

Sports Clique opened their doors to the public outside the Azzurri Club and The Concept Gym at Highfields.

We were lucky enough to team up with Joel and design some bright and fun signage for them creating quite an impact on arrival. Magic was made using historical images of soccer legends such as Maradona,Zinedine Zidane , and clever posterised designs, turning the once boring shipping container into a work of art.


Obviously Joel is a mad soccer fan, so as you walk inside the container you are surrounded by more legends

• Johan Cruyff (puma legend) 

• Pele (puma legend) 

• Eusebio (puma legend) 

• Neymar jnr (current player) 

• Roy Keane (Manchester united legend) 

• Ray Baartz (Joel's uncle and ex Socceroo) 

• Ronaldo (old Brazilian Ronaldo not current Portuguese player Ronaldo) 

• Zinedine Zidane 

• Antoine Griezmann (current puma player) 

Baggio makes a striking entrance but not before he takes a quick selfie with Royce


Transforming the dull change room into a work of art was achieved by layering more legends,with bright colours and hand drawn sketches. The walls were prepared and covered with our printable wallpaper. As you can see this material can turn nothing to something it only takes a bit of imagination and the balls(excuse the pun) to be different.


We can't forget the outside. Kept these signs near the practice grounds at Azzurri simple and easy to read, but watch this space as there are more designs on the horizon for this canvas.

The team at think graphic were amazing to work with from start to finish, they provided me with a premium product at a very affordable price, and did it all with a smile on their faces and a good sense of humour. I’d highly recommend them to anyone
— Joel Grenell Owner | General manager Sportsclique Australia